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A long time ago when I was a teenager, a pastor from Florida, Lloyd Fesmire, came to visit my grandfather, Horace Fesmire, to gather information about our family history.  He eventually put it together in a booklet so that those of us who descended from Christian Fesmire would have a sense of our roots.  It is in that sprit that I have created this space on 


I will also provide links to other sites that have specific information on the genealogy of Fesmires.  (there were four Fesmires in the first census of the US in 1790)

The first link is to a web site run by Roland Dee "Buddy" Fesmire who is a descendant of Martin Fesmire - one of the other four "original" Fesmires in the US 1790 census.


The following is an email from Roland.

Hi: Bob:
Go ahead and make a link to my site. I will do the same when you get your site up. Although Martin Fesmire came to Pennsylvania at the same time as Christian Fesmire There is no proven connection to the two families. 

Good Luck
Roland Dee "Buddy" Fesmire


If you have information or know of other web sites pertinent to the Fesmire genealogy please let me know.

Thank you and enjoy.

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