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So, after 30 years without a motorcycle, and with several of my friends prodding me to get one, I finally did.  And then the "obsession" began.

Simply put, I love to ride the bike. 

In my first year, I took a Beginner Riding Course, read two books  on safe motorcycling, bought the best protective gear available and practiced safe riding habits.  As one of my friends put it I became the "Safety Nazi."  All of this is to reduce the level of risk.

I love to ride with my wife, with friends and alone.  I like short one hour trips  and multiple day tours.  A three day riding tour with friends through Vermont's country roads, mountain passes and twisties was incredible.  Like and addict, it only made me want to do it more.  And so we have continued to ride and tour.

For those who ride, you will understand the passion - for those who don't, I'm not sure I can explain  - it but it is great.

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