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For some time I thought it would be good to have a group riding guide that is aimed towards motorcyclists who want to ride together but are not members of a formal riding club.  The following guides are for such riders.

The guides are not an exhaustive study on the subject but should provide some basic principles of safe group riding.  Keep in mind for every suggestion there are exceptions.  There are no hard and fast rules.  There is no substitute for good judgment.

As I ride with a "non-club" group called the New England Riders, the guides were compiled for them - and others who ride as individuals within a group. 

Suggestions for Group Rides (.5MB PDF file)

Planning and Leading Group Rides, Suggestions for Ride Leaders (.5MB PDF file)

A special thank you to the fine organizations that put their group riding information on the Internet so that all riders can benefit.  It saves lives and it helps all motorcyclist ride safer.  Please see the last page of each guide for a listing of these thoughtful organizations.

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