Eastern Europe 2014
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Day 2 Berlin
Day 3 Berlin
Day 4 To Warsaw
Day 5 Warsaw
Day 6 Warsaw
Day 7 To Krakow
Day 8 Krakow
Day 9 Auschwitz/Krakow
Day 10 Zakopane
Day 11 Olomouc/Praque
Day 12 Prague
Day 13 Prague/Castle
Day 14 To Budapest
Day 15 Budapest
Day 16 Budapest
Day 17 To Vienna
Day 18 Vienna
Day 19 Vienna


We ventured off on the "Best of Eastern Europe" tour with Grand Circle Travel.  We thought it would be wonderful to visit these countries - given their long and tumultuous history.

We  joined 35 other travelers on a touring venture that was fun, informative and at times, heart wrenching.  We saw amazing sites and learned from local guides, professors as well as our Tour Director, Krystian Wojtowicz.  They covered the regions history up to current issues/politics.  Exploring new foods was a treat (Bologna for breakfast?).

The photo's on the following pages are some of the 4,700 I took during this trip.  Clicking on "Photos" it will open a slide show for that day. 

By clicking on the pause button in the lower left of the screen you can progress at your own speed by click on the arrows at the top middle of the page.

The photos can be download if you wish - permission is granted for personal use. (To download a photo - while watching a slide show remove the /show at the end of the URL, hit enter, click on the photo you want, click on the down arrow in the lower right corner)

Much of the descriptive text is from Grand Circles website.

GCT - "When you travel to Eastern Europe, you’ll peer behind the former Iron Curtain and find a region and people who are an integral part of contemporary European life. This is a vibrant world with its own deeply ingrained character and a 2,000-year-old cultural heritage that bridges the gap between the East and West. We’ve built into your Eastern European itinerary rare opportunities for you to meet the people where they live, work, and play. Dine in the home of a Polish family, meet with the son of an Auschwitz survivor, and learn about Hungary’s political past and present during a discussion with a university professor."