Day 8 Krakow
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6-23-14 Monday.
We found the discussions with local professors during out trip to be of particular interest and great value.  Today's talk highlighted Krakow's history.  It's easy to see why it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  A walk with our local guide included a stop at Schindler's factory as well as other spots in Krakow.

The Wieliczka Salt Mines is simply amazing.  8 Levels deep with miner salt carvings - even a Cathedral.

Photos - Krakow in daylight and local tours.

Movies - 1. Krakow panorama, 2. Salt Mine Cathedral, 3. Singing in the Salt Mine.

Krakow • Discussion the Age of Copernicus • City tour • Wieliczka Salt Mines t


In the fifteenth century, the legendary astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus studied at the University of Krakow, fostering a love of science, mathematics, and philosophy that would help to fuel his subsequent revolutionary scientific breakthroughs. You'll learn more about Krakow's role in the Scientific Revolution during a Krakow in the Age of Copernicus exclusive Discovery Series lecture this morning.

You'll then have the opportunity to explore Krakow's seven centuries of architecture during an included city tour. In 1978, the city was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s full of cathedrals, churches, and sacred art. Krakow survived World War II with little damage, and the city center stands today much as it did during its medieval days. You’ll visit Market Square, the center of city life for more than 700 years. Admire the elegant plaza ringed with churches and regal medieval buildings, with the enormous Draper’s Hall market as the focal point. You'll also explore the Old Jewish quarter of Kazimierz, and stroll through its narrow streets.

This afternoon, enjoy free time to make your own discoveries, perhaps taking in one of the city’s many fine museums.

Or, join an optional tour to the Wieliczka Salt Mines this afternoon—working mines that have been in operation for more than seven centuries, producing about 700 tons of pure salt per day. These fascinating mines are considered one of Europe’s great wonders and are protected by UNESCO as a historic monument. Here are more than 2,000 caverns of underground beauty on nine main levels—breathtaking chambers, galleries, and salt lakes. After exploring the mines, end the day with a typical Polish dinner in a local restaurant, accompanied by a sample of Zubrowka, the famous Polish vodka.Please note: This optional tour involves extensive walking inside caves that are not brightly lit. You’ll descend into the caves by elevator, but later on there will be steps (always going down). You'll return to ground level via elevator.

Dinner is on your own this evening.