Mom and Al Apr 09
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Stone Zoo April 09
Higgins Armory Apr 09
Plantation and  Mayflower
Tower Gardens Apr 09

Mom and Al visited with us again this April, 2009. 

We had a lot of fun taking them to the zoo with Elena who is now closing in on 4 years old.  The bears were particularly entertaining. 

Mom's favorite activity of the week was the Higgins Armory Museum which has the largest collection of medieval armor and weapons in North America. 

On another day we made a stop at the Plymouth Plantation, a Pilgrim village with actors playing the roles of actual people of the time.  Since we were in the area we stopped in to the see the ship Mayflower II, a life size sailing replica of the original.

Their last day we strolled around the Tower Hill Botanical Gardens and saw the early spring flowers and blooming trees. 

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