Family Photos
Up Day 17 Vienna Family Photos Friends Photos Jacks 90th B-day Jack Alexander Butterrfly Place 2-26-12

Tower Hill 2-3-12
PA Visit Oct 2010
Jessies Vist Aug 2010
Water Fire Aug 2010
Jessies Rides 2009
Mom and Al Apr 09
Suzanne Graduation
Em and Reds Wedding
Mich Fesmire visit 08
Wedding Trip Apr 08
Laura-Nick Wedding
Jills Sept 16
Bonnies 60th Surprise
PA trip 5-9-05
New Orleans Oct 2004
Brothers weekend
1999 Christmas

I hope to gather together pictures of the Fesmire family that capture some of the goings-on in their lives.

I will add photos when available, and change them from time to time.  At least up until  we fill up the 25 megabytes of memory provide by the hosting ISP.

You can attach your photos to an email and send them to me electronically, or if you are computer challenged but have a good photo, I will scan it.

Email me at

Some pages have a bunch of photo's so they may load slowly if you have a slow Internet connection like I do.